Service & CompanyWorld Air Passenger Service Co., Ltd.


Aiming to be the world’s best airport operation company.

Shaping a new journey to take a step forward in proving the best hospitality. We provide various services of passenger service in Kansai International Airport, Osaka international Airport and Kobe Airport. Safety and security are our top priority at all times, and we devote all our energy to showing our customers the best hospitality.



Answering various questions about the airport and providing the accurate information.



Booking reservations for guests as well as responding to current and prospective guest’s needs.



Dispatching the well trained staffs to provide a work-ready employees to our clients.


A member of Kansai Airport Group

We, World Air Passenger Service is a member of Kansai airport Group. Our group slogan as a Kansai Airport Group is [Shaping a New Journey]. We support our customer’s new discovery and exploration.

Company name World Air Passenger Service Co., Ltd
Date of Establishment 1st March, 1983
Capital 32,000,000 yen
Shareholder Kansai Airport Co., Ltd 100%
Main business
  • 1. Providing Air Passenger Services in Osaka International Airport,
    Kansai International Airport and Kobe Airport
  • 2. Labor dispatch project
  • 3. Outsourcing businesses
Head office 3-555 Hotarugaikenishimachi, Toyonaka city,
Osaka Japan 560-0036
TEL : +81 6 6856 6643 
FAX : +81 6 6843 3129
Rinku office 3F, KAB Rinku Bldg., 3-7 Rinku-orai Minami,
Izumisano City, Osaka Japan 598-0047
TEL : +81 72 469 4915 
FAX : +81 72 469 4950



Providing sincere hospitality at the international and multicultural environment.

We're looking for information desk staff, Passenger pick-up staff and various othrer airport hospitality related service staff at Kansai International Airport, Osaka International Airport and Kobe Airport.


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Aiming to provide the world standard service in all three major airports in Kasai area.

We do our best to provide the best safety, security and comfort to our customers at all times.
Our mission is to prove the most trusted and professional airport service in the world at Kansai International Airport, Osaka International Airport and Kobe airport.

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To be the world best airport service provider

We believe the experience in Airport is a part of a journey. It is our mission to strive to make its service innovative by having a wide perspective not only on airport operations but also the entire trip of our customers.
It is clear that stable safe and sound service will comfort our customers. We promise to reduce customer’s stress as much as possible by providing the reliable service.


Providing our best services at Kansai International Airport,
Osaka International Airport and Kobe Airport

  • Kansai International AirportKansai International Airport
  • Osaka International AirportOsaka International Airport
  • Kobe airportKobe airport