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Kansai International AirportDuty-free

Being cashier requires
efficiency and accuracy

Being accurate is mandatory, smiling and providing hospitality is also required.
I mainly work as a cashier at the duty-free shop in the airport. Because I handle money, I need to be accurate. Since most of the passengers are in hurry due to the departure time, I need to be quick at the same time. Not only that I must not forget to have a good communication with each passengers.
Using my language skill, I always do my best to assist passengers as a cashier.
I made friends from all over the world.
My colleagues are from many different countries. We respect each other's culture and background and enjoy working together. By sharing ideas, we always make effort to work efficiently.
Understanding and learning by colleagues, we gain skill of communicating with customers from all over the world.
I work not only as a cashier but also support the floors, too.
Beside working as a cashier, I also assist customers if they have questions.
Because of that I always try to update my knowledge by sharing information with colleagues.
Skills that I have acquired through job
Working efficiently, accurately and communication well at the same time I need to be calm even if there is a problem which I didn't expect it to happen.
No matter what, we should not forget to smile and deal with the incident professionally.
One day at work
Getting up
Breakfast, getting ready and check the grooming
Leave home
Arrive work
Check the report, daily schedule and today's duty
We start our duty with a big smile
Cleaning around cashier replenishing the goods and assisting customers
shift ends
Going home, dinner
Free time
Going to bed
Message for the applicants
I have graduated from junior college in Japan. I've always wanted to work in the airport. One of my friends introduced me to WAPS and stated to work. WAPS supported me from Interview to getting working VISA.
If you like to assist people, why don't you join us providing hospitality “O Mo Te Na Shi”to travelers from world.