messageVoices from the employees

Kansai International AirportDuty-free cosmetic counter

I feel very satisfied when customers are happy
to know about the skincare and massage.

workplace 1
Explaining them how to do the massage using the skincare products.
Selling the cosmetics is my job. I also assist and translate when Chinese customers are at the counter.
workplace 2
It's a vary international workplace where you encounter with many different cultures by working.
It's a very fun work environment. Staffs are very friendly to each other not only within the same brand but also with the other brands.
There are staffs from all over the world, you can interact with many cultures just by working.
workplace 3
Variety of trainings is provided by WAPS. You will be able to gain skills and widen your view.
Working in the airport itself is a unique experience already. Not only that, you will meet many customers every day. It's very fun and exciting.
I work for a brand where they teach me the basics of the products thoroughly to gain more knowledge and skills.
Skills that I have acquired through job
By working Japan, I was able to gain the skill of communicating well in Japanese as well as customer service skill. I can now give a massage to customers because of the training I have had.
One day at work
Getting ready Have breakfast
Leave home
Arriving work Cleaning and checking counter. Reporting sales report.
Getting advice from colleagues for products and customer service.
Quality check of products. Assisting customers.
Shift ends
Going home, dinner
Free time
Going bed
Message for the applicants
I studied Japanese in university in China. I was introduced to WAPS from one of my friends. I had an interview over Skype. WAPS supported me for getting working VISA.
I feel the hospitality standard in Japan is very high.
At first I struggled a bit to adjust a life in Japan, but I feel that I have grown so much now. I'm sure I will be able to say that I am professional when I go home to China someday.