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Kansai International AirportDuty-free Cosmetic

It's my pleasure to meet customers
from all over the world

workplace 1
I apply make-up on customers and translate when there are Chinese customers.
I apply make-up on both Japanese and foreign customers. I also take a part as translator when we have Chinese customers.
I work for a brand where they teach me the basics of the products thoroughly to gain more knowledge and skills.
workplace 2
Airport is a very exciting place to be. It's my pleasure to talk with customers everyday.
For many people, coming to the airport is already a very exciting event. For me, talking with customers who come to the airport is my pleasure.
One of the benefits when working at the airport is that you can utilize your language skill.
Skills that I have acquired through job
Make-up skill
・Point make-up (eye make-up, Lip)
・Full make-up
Since I started working in airport, I can have a smooth communication with people who I meet for the first time.
One day at work
getting ready, make-up
Go to work
Arrive (check grooming)
Cleaning around the products and counter. Replenishing the testers.
Checking sales reports from previous day. Sending reports to office. Inventory check.
Checking the products.
Inventory check
Assisting customer.
Peak hour.
Shift ends.
Meeting with take over staffs.
Free time
Going to bed
Message for the applicants
WAPS take care of us very well. If you have any concerns, I recommend to contact WAPS. They will listen to you and give you the best advice.
If you are not sure what to do with your career, you might find it here with WAPS.