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Kansai International AirportDuty-free Sales promotor

Being able to be an expert of brands and goods
from all over the world.

Choosing and recommending perfumes and cosmetics for customers.
We choose and recommend perfumes and cosmetics for customers, and if they like them, we also sale them.
We work with many different brands every day, but we enjoy every single one of the opportunities.
Our work environment is very friendly and exciting. The promotors from each brands are supportive to each other. There are staffs from many countries such as Chinese, Korean and Taiwanese.
We work together as a team and share information.
When I was able to find the items that the customers like, I am fulfilled.
When passenger likes the items that I have recommended and buy them, I feel that I am fulfilled the job as a promotor.
Skills that I have acquired through job
Because my customers are from all over the world, I not only improve my English skill but also improve Chinese and Korean communication skill, too.
I especially got interested in speaking Chinese, I started to challenge the Chinese test of Proficiency. I can even say now that learning language is my hobby!
One day at work
Getting up
Leave home
Shift start
Promoting items
Shift ends
Going home
Dinner, Taking bath
Going to bed
Message for the applicants
I was working in the other company initially after graduating school, and I transferred to WAPS. WAPS always takes time and listen to me when I need someone to talk to. Because of the support they give me, I enjoy my work every day.
Sale promotion might sounds unfamiliar to you, but WAPS provides variety of training to support you to start a new career. There is no need to worry because WAPS will always be there for us.